Azores to Dartmouth, Day 2 - Friday June 4, 2010

Sat 5 Jun 2010 06:54

Azores to Dartmouth, Day 2 - Friday June 4, 2010


At 1200 hrs UT:

40:33.2N 27:53.4W

Distance to Dartmouth: 1140 Nautical Miles


The skeleton crew survived through the first night under the new watch system (which Beer jokingly believes infringes upon many international labor laws). The same cannot be said for Charlotte's favorite knit hat which blew off during a swift southerly gust. However, the loss was not in vein, with the winds steadily at our backs for the duration of the day, we've managed to log some serious miles as a result. Our expectation is to maintain our current Northerly heading for another day or two before turning more towards mother England.


Pasted below is a picture of the close whale encounter from last evening. We really have no idea what type of whale/dolphin it is for sure, so we have deemed it Offthesternis Whaleis Unknowis. We're happy to hear from our readers should anyone have an educated guess.


Goodnight from


Hoff, Martin, Michael (Beer) and Charlotte.

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