Knightime Bermuda - Azores Day 4 20th May 2010

Thu 20 May 2010 23:52

Bermuda to Azores, 20th May 2010

35:54.7N 58:56.7W

Hello Everyone from a speedy, bumpy Knightime.It's hard to believe that it is the end of day 4 already. The fair winds we found yesterday have stayed with us and even brought some gusty friends along to keep us company. Therefore we have been able to pile on the miles today while hanging on and smiling with satisfaction.
Cooking is quite a challenge with the boat acting a bit like a bucking bronco. Whilst washing up tonight the boat had a quick surge to port, emptying half the water out of the sinks all over the washer up. How Moge smiled with inner joy at being thus re-christened!
Charlotte produced a wonderful pork casserole tonight, all the more remarkable as she is not a meat eater, and all the while being thrown about by the lively boat for more than an hour to prepare it,
You may recall the sad story of a plate being lost the other day. Not to be outdone, Quentin decided we had an oversupply of forks, so now we are rewriting the menus to include everything that can be eaten with a spoon, (while they last). When will they learn?
There was great excitement late afternoon when a whale was spotted off the starboard side, followed immediately by a pod of dolphins to port, and earlier some of the guys saw a turtle!. Who needs David Attenborough?
So there you have it. Another daytime aboard Knightime. We are having fun and hope you are enjoying our news.
Goodnight from somewhere in the Atlantic.
The Knightriders Hoff, Martin, Charlotte, Quentin, Michael (Beer) and Mogul+++++

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