Bermuda to Azores, 24th May 2010 Day 8

Tue 25 May 2010 08:15
Bermuda to Azores, 24 May 2010 Day 8 

35:19.1N 48:54.4W

Greetings One and All from the Knightriders.

In fact it has been a fairly uneventful day, but dotted with vessel sightings, not exactly frequent, but certainly more than we are used to. There have been some impressively large ships, some over 800 feet which at night come looming out of the darkness, looking like city blocks all lit up. At this moment we are close by a cruise ship, which is also headed for The Azores. WE considered paying them a social visit, but it was decided we did not fit into the 3 categories for cruise ships: Over fed, Newly wed or Nearly here we are, and there they go.

In spite of the ships, the best sighting today was a large turtle which passed us close by to port.

In bright sunshine and a light breeze, some of the Knightriders ignored my comments in yesterday's blog and set about washing clothes. By midday, the rails looked like a laundry and tonight's blog shows our head laundryman, Quentin, demonstrating his skills; skills we believe his wife is not aware of! Not to worry, his secret is safe here on Knightime, no? Tomorrow, he will be showing us how to make a sponge cake, so stay tuned for that.

Because of the unfavourable weather to the North, we have continued sailing South and, until the forecast improves, we will remain well to the South of our planned route.

So for now, while the growing moon is shining brightly outside, making it look almost like day, we say Goodnight, until our next bulletin.

The Knightriders




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