Bermuda to the Azores Day 10 - Wednesday May 26, 2010

Wed 26 May 2010 22:54
Bermuda to the Azores Day 10 - Wednesday May 26, 2010
At 1200 hrs UT:
32.40.20N 45.17.80W
Distance to Azores waypoint:  877 Nautical Miles
Firstly, we would like to thank all four of our readers for their staunch and unwavering support over the past few weeks. Your feedback really keeps the lights on here at the Daily Knightime.
We've had a helluva day on the open seas - solid 16 knot winds out of the South and but a few clouds in the sky. We crossed the 45 degree west longitude line early this morning and have thus set our clocks forward one hour to BST -3. Martin and Beer poled out the genoa begining around sunrise (picture attached) and we continue on our East Southeasterly course. We expect to turn somewhat north before reaching Western Sahara - God willing.
Despite our considerable progress, the boat has been rocking quite a bit down below. In fact, Mogul Mike has had some trouble sleeping and has resorted to removing the lee cloth divider in his cabin in order to lay horizontally across his berth. Sadly, most of the hair was rubbed off the top of his head as a result.
All in all, the crew's disposition remains cheery and the food has held out better than we could have imagined. The Hoff continues to add new treats each evening to the deck snack box - and thus there has been only a few passing mutinous comments. The Hoff is a fair and just skipper who motivates with the carrot rather than the stick.
Til next time,
The Knightriders

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