Bermuda To The Azores, Day -1

Mon 17 May 2010 02:23

Bermuda to The Azores 16th May 2010 

In spite of some hints of an earlier departure, we are now planning to leave  around 10.00A.M. on the 17th

We made good use of the extra time here; the deck has been scrubbed and the teak is now showroom bright. Beer was seen wearing  a pair of yellow rubber gloves, keeping a barrier between his skin and the chemicals of the teak cleaning product. Probably a wise precaution as he has quite a tan now and the teakwork is as bright as can be!

We were pleased to meet up today with Yacht Oboe who have come up from Antigua and are also heading for The Azores and ultimately Dartmouth, UK. That can only mean one thing. A little competition. Lovely, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Azores. 

We all had a lovely dinner in Hamilton last night which went on quite late and possibly made the decision to leave tomorrow instead of today, a little easier.

Thomas is still waiting for his next yacht to arrive and luckily he has found a friendly and convenient B and B to stay at, until ‘Circus’ arrives.

The big question before departure is 'what weather can we expect'. Currently, the next few days look like only light winds which will not make for good sailing or good progress, so we will keep hoping for some better winds in the near future.

So, we are ready, Knightime is ready and looking great. It will be super to be moving again. We will aim to send the blog daily and look forward to keeping you as up to date as possible.


Goodnight from the New Knightriders

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