Bermuda to Azores, 1st June 2010 Day 16

Tue 1 Jun 2010 16:41

Bermuda to Azores, 1st June 2010 Day 16

Hello Everyone, 

We are pleased to report the Knightime’s safe arrival early today, just after dawn, skippered to perfection by The Hoff. At one point in the voyage, when we were sailing in the opposite to the desired direction, there was a hint of frustration aboard, even though we were fully aware of the bad weather threatened for our original route.

From the southerly position, Hoff said we would catch fair winds and be able to ‘reach’ all the way up to the Azores. So it proved. but not without some winds perhaps a little more than we wanted and, certainly with much much more rain than can be enjoyed.

Anyway, here we are, taking mounds of laundry for a well deserved freshening, and the crew wallowing in warm land based showers without buckets and in fresh water!

 Mogul and Quentin are leaving the boat here and  take the opportunity to wish the remaining stalwarts a fast final leg to Dartmouth and the end of an epic round trip. Straight wakes Lads and Lass.

With best wishes from

The Knightriders    Mogul,  The Hoff, Charlotte , Martin, Michael and  Quentin ++