Day 5 Knightrider Bulletin - Good Winds and Bad Smells

Fri 27 Nov 2009 21:28
Ahoy, Ahoy, Dear Readers and warm greetings from the Knightriders.
Sad to report another No Sightings day, but a sunny one and with goods winds. Our clocks went back an hour today and our brains are slowly adjusting. For some days now there has been an offensive smell reported close to the First Class berths and investigations had proved fruitless. However, today the culprit was found and happily turned out to be 2 heads of what used to be broccoli, rotting quietly in their little corner of heaven, and imitating quite well the other kind of heads.... I say 'happily' because I was beginning to fear it was we, the crew, who were causing the problem! Phew! in more ways than one.
Our watchkeeping plan is going well and strangely, the huge alteration in daily sleep patterns seems to have been easily accomodated. Sleep is a loose term however, and in my case, which must be the same for all the crew, it can be akin to trying to get to sleep while riding on the waltzer at the local fairground. Each morning I have 'woken' to find pillow case and mattress cover completely removed by the motion, and with my finger ends stiff from trying to hang on to the mattress at the high side.
The weather has turned distinctly warmer and last night from midnight to 0400 it was great to be in the cockpit in just shorts and fleece, (yes Mum, all clipped on)
Late afternoon a small group of ''little French schoolboys'' (Petit Ecoliers - chocolate biscuits) visited the cockpit and were promptly consumed with a nice cup  of tea.There may be a few more of these blighters on board, but we have vowed to hunt them down and eat them without mercy, except the 'merci' to FabVal who arranged the stowaways.
I am finally getting my sea legs. I always had the idea  that this was a good thing, but, it turns out, that sea legs are just ordinary legs covered in bruises! I have developed a theory that these are the real origins of tattoos. In days of old, when our seafaring heros went home, they lost their 'sea leags' and, missing the pretty hues of blue, turned to tatoos to make them look normal. Of course, it's just a theory at this stage.
Dinner in the cockpit near sunset,was a lovely Biriani produced by swami Medi-Hoff who is clearly multi talented but keeping the required low profile. I am sorry to report another dismal failure of the fishing efforts of Messrs HofferDommer and MediHoff who have promised a first class Grade 1 Tuna for dinner for the last 2 nights. The score right now is : Unknown Fish (Large) : 2 Lures,  Self confident Fishermen : NUL points.
Through the wonders of the 'net we are getting progress of our fellow ARCies and spending a small amount of time wondering which ones will be the first to be overtaken. It's a lovely game, and one which The Hoff seems to like a LOT. Tonight's pic shows The Hoff triumphantly removing the stinky crate which was the former home of the aforementioned broccoli. A closer look at the pic will reveal the chaos caused by the need to move so much stuff to get to the offending spot. I am happy to report that order has now been restored. Those of you wishing to contact us via email are welcome to do so via: Knightime {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com.
Once again it has been a pleasure to keep you informed and be able to assure you that all on board are well and happy.
C-Hoff aka Mogul Mike+

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