30:50.5N 65:18.3W

Thu 13 May 2010 03:19

BVI Tortola to Bermuda 12th May 2010 Day 6    Are we nearly there yet!


Well folks, after the excitement of some wind and seas, we went rapidly back to calm, now glassy, seas and virtually no wind. We tried several times to tack our way to the north but not only was the wind weak, it was from completely the wrong direction and a glance  at our route shown on the navigation screen looks like a large message from Zorro!

Since then, Hoff became pragmatic and we have been motoring, in the correct direction for several hours, and we are now approximately 50 miles from St Georges.

As we have moved North, the weather has turned distinctly cool at night, and the night watches are wrapped in warm clothes, including hats and gloves, a casual observer might think we were Antarctic headed instead of Bermuda. Except for Beer who, in preparation for the pastel shades of Bermuda, was sporting a fetching yellow preppie sweater. There are some on board, who feel he may have a contract with Brookes Brothers, so watch out for him, and us, in the Summer catalogue.

We often see reports of boats who spend days alongside frolicking sea life, like whales and dolphins. We have seen Portuguese Man of War jellyfish, some weed and 2 birds. For those interested in the birds, we think they were gulls. Birdman Thomas tried, but failed dismally, to communicate with them.

However, after the wind delays, we can now hear Bermuda Coastguard on the radio so we know we ARE nearly there.

Tonight’s photo shows TheHoff, posing  with today’s lunch: Tomato tortilla wrap with cold cuts and salad. It’s not quite Brookes Bros, but it may show up in a fly poster for a new Plymouth sandwich shop one of these days.

We are looking forward to our stay in Bermuda and our departure will depend a little on the weather forecast for our next leg. When we know, you will know. Meanwhile,

Goodnight from The New Knightriders, The Hoff, Michael, Thomas, Martin and The Moge ++

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