Bermuda to Azores, 30 May 2010 Day 14

Mon 31 May 2010 04:14
Bermuda to Azores, 30 May 2010 Day 14 

35:56.4N 33:20.5W

With less than 270 miles to go as of noon GMT, we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Watch out Horta here we come - mothers hide your daughters.

While the force 7 winds, pounding rain and three meter seas have largely subsided, damp clothes fill the closets and the cabin has taken on a post-Hurricane Katrina look...not to mention the smell of a WW1 trench! Quentin has actually gone so far as to modify his foul-weather overalls by adding a very stylish bin liner underneath - a move which has really begun to catch on (take note Musto Corp.).

Thanks to Charlotte, we had a special treat this evening in honor of Martin's Birthday - chocolate flapjack. Our provisions appear to be holding up, although Martin did begin to frantically search the boat when he noticed the all of the chocolate had been eaten (picture attached - certainly there must be a few bars left here somewhere - what are we animals!).

In other news, we were able to survive a surprise attack this morning from a tiny squid that wound up in the cockpit - I can only imagine how Captain Nemo and the Nautilus crew must have felt. Thankfully for him, fried calamari was not on the dinner menu.

from Michael (Beer)

The Hoff, Charlotte, Martin, Quentin,  and Mogul..... The Knightriders  

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