Blog - BVI, Tortola to Bermuda, Day 5

Mon 10 May 2010 23:07

Day 5

Mutiny! Mogul has been temporarily relieved of today’s outpour into the blogosphere to get a, let’s say, ‘more balanced’ view to our readers.

Anyone not believing forecasts anymore has been proven wrong….  the wind IS gone. Happily motoring through the mirror-like Atlantic with no need to fuss around with sail trim, the crew has plenty of time to ponder some of life’s not quite so important issues:

(a)    Tea:  Is it milk first, water second, tea bag third or teabag first, water second and milk third?

(b)   Mushrooms: Should we keep cultivating our part-baked bread mould farm or abandon the time honored tradition of growing your own food? 

(c)    Please, why don’t you let me go swimming to pet one of those beautiful Man-o-Wars floating around?

The Hoff has settled comfortably into his role serving as a prime example of true leadership for the rest of the crew who eagerly served him breakfast (yes, there were second orders for more toast) and, once again, took over his cooking duties. It is all in the delegation.

Meanwhile, the Spa  Deck has re-opened and is in full swing. Unfortunately, the only service offered right now are cold salt water showers as the vessel lacks more qualified spa staff.

Rumor has it, rebel forces are assembling against the dark forces of the Empire (you know which one) on this boat. To be continued….


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