Bermuda to Azores, 22nd May 2010 Day 6

Sun 23 May 2010 06:52


Bermuda to The Azores, 22nd May 2010 Day 6 

37:37.4N 52:34.2W

We awoke this morning to calm seas, the sweet sound of ole blue eyes (Frank Sinatra) and a stack of marmalade pancakes. Thank you Charlotte!

As the morning progressed, the breakfast nook transformed into a communal shower and dhobi (laundry) area. Just as the crew, bench cushions and laundry were about to dry, a brisk northerly wind picked up and so did the spray of salt water. NOTHING EVER DRIES OUT HERE!

Those hunkered down inside the cabin were joined mid-afternoon by a small winged friend - a swallow which we’ve appropriately named li’l Thomas. Should he be joined by any other friends, this NARC boat may become more of an actual Ark. Despite the small gifts he continues to leave, we have welcomed him as a member of the team. HHhhHowever, based upon his own navigational misjudgements he’s not allowed near the GPS or the auto pilot, but he makes a terrific rice pudding.

Quentin was placed in charge of this evening’s meal. Unfortunately, we have begun to run short of potatoes and made the poor decision to supplement our cottage pie with sweet potatoes. Thankfully the crew has largely turned into a large six person garbage disposal that will consume just about anything.

As we write, the Knightime is being tracked down by a 500 foot Portuguese tanker and winds remain out of the north around 18 knots.

In case that last sentence alarms you, fear not dear friends, Hoff communicated with them in his best Portuguese and then took evasive action. After we were safely out of the way, Hoff called to ‘thank’ them for their co-operation.

‘’Oh, I see you now!’’ was the unnerving response.

So, as we press on through the night, we wish you, once again, goodnight from us all....

......and li’l Thomas who has settled down for a night in the saloon.

The Knightriders

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