BVI to Bermuda - Day 3

Sun 9 May 2010 00:57

BVI Tortola to Bermuda 8th May 2010 Day 3

Hello Everyone after a 100 percent perfect day - albeit that the late afternoon breeze dropped off.

The sea has been gentle and the boat was made clean and tidy ready for inspection by ARC entrants, when they join us in Bermuda.

It has to be said that we have not been at sea that long.  However, certain alarming tendencies are beginning to show.  Last night the preferred snack was sunflower seeds.  Today, ‘Birdman’ Thomas was seen communicating with a passing gull.  He says he was just waving, but I fear that this is just the beginning. One can only guess what the bird was thinking?

We have several enthusiastic photographers on board and I sense that not only will the input be of a higher than average standard but I also sense that it is no longer safe to relax without having that private moment snapped for posterity!

It is noticeably cooler tonight and tee shirt only, for the night watch is no longer an option. Skipper Hoff has promised to model a fetching little white fleece shortly. Perhaps that too will make it to the blog so you can all share the moment.

Smooth conditions and a good supply of fresh food means that our menu today has been impressive; breakfast.... eggs and bacon... lunch 2 pizzas... dinner chicken curry with rice and cauliflower - even a rice pudding dessert.

Anyway, it is good to report that all on board are well and happy or they are all RADA trained actors!

I am sorry about the un-cancelled old message which showed up at the end of the blog yesterday. I can’t say it won’t happen again but I will do my best.

Signing off in the dark, well on the way to Bermuda

Goodnight from The New Knightriders, The Hoff,, Michael, Thomas, Martin and Mogul++

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