Knightrider Bulletin Day 16 - 'The Perfect Break'

Tue 8 Dec 2009 23:54

Knightrider Bulletin  -  Day 16

Hello Everyone, (including you, Sally) Let's bring you up to date.

Firstly, The Big Blue Wobbly Thing (BBWT) continues to excel itself in being very big, very blue and exceedingly wobbly. If Mr Kipling made oceans, this would be one of them. We continue to make great progress with mostly good winds, I feel they are perhaps too good but I am surely in the minority. Last night saw more squalls, with quite a lot of rain and winds up to 30 knots. Since dawn we have seen zero boats anywhere in spite of knowing there are quite a few not too far away.

Last night while the sea was doing it’s best to throw us around, and fairly well succeeding, we had the mystery of the escaping Rice Crispies.  One minute they were nicely tucked up for the night but with the bumpy ride, they discovered that ‘someone’ had failed to close the bag with a peg and the little blighters made a run for it. And succeeded as far as the locker door until the door was innocently opened and hey presto! They were out.... Snap, Crackle, Pop and Run. What fun they had.. and it fell to your Blogster to track the culprit and get the lame facts. Names cannot be revealed but next week, you might get the info by subscribing to my ‘Knightriders Kiss and Tell Revelations’ soon to be serialised into 200 thrilling episodes. Book early to ensure disappointment. Likewise, I have had several complaints that I did not reveal our Lactic John the Baptist’s name yesterday. Sorry, but I cannot even reveal his initials and that’s that!

As the trip draws to a close, it has been impossible to avoid calculating the number of miles to go and hazarding a guess when we might arrive.  Want to join in the fun? Right now, at about 21.30 UT (GMT to some of you) we have about 121 miles left to run, to a little island close to Rodney Bay called Pigeon Island, which is itself about 1.5 miles from RB. There! You have the info, so get guessing. Our recent speeds have been 6.5 to 7.2 knots. Isn’t this fun?

I was looking back and remembering those little things that left  with us but will sadly, not be returning. The first is Lappy T .. the skip’s favourite computer. Bought for a song but not worth a light!  Then there was Rod. All those weeks hidden in the First Class accommodation and as soon as he got the feel of a fish he literally cracked up. Bad Rod... No Fish cakes! Perhaps less obvious is the lining to my bathing shorts. Imperceptibly the lining morphed into something akin to a cheese grater with my tush in place of the cheese. Life is so much more comfortable now.

 Of course there is also the broken shackle that cost us a lot of time and necessitated Cap’n Kitt climbing cat like up the forestay.  And finally, although they are still on board, the less than fabulous Solar Showers. The design has not been thought through at all, so that when the water bottle is hung up, the water pipe which is supposed to deliver the gentle trickle of warm water to the bather, falls off and the warm water runs away. Perfect. This item will soon be in a Caribbean bin where it belongs.

Our weather for the last night is....more of the same, good winds, chance of squalls and we are all looking forward to landfall when it comes.  Meanwhile, we wish you a restful night with your Ovaltine(other Brands are available) slippers by the fire, and spare a little thought for us, sweltering in the heat and working all hours. I am definitely checking the small print in the brochure when I get back.

Sweet dreams... and stay tuned.. All the best

Choff, on behalf of El Hoff and all the Knightriders

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