Bermuda to the Azores Day 11 - Thursday May 27, 2010

Fri 28 May 2010 06:30
Bermuda to the Azores Day 11 - Thursday May 27, 2010
At 1200 hrs UT:
31.41.12N 42.06.8W
Distance to Azores waypoint:  775 Nautical Miles
Hello Everyone, greetings from the Atlantic, As you can see from the information above, we are making some good progress now towards the Azores, however, it's not just a gentle sail. The Low Pressure area that we have been trying to avoid has found us, so today, the seas have been a bit bigger, along with the winds. The trusty Knightime rides these conditions well. So it has been a fabulous day, going fast, in the right direction, albeit a somewhat bumpy ride.
The Hoff found this out when entering the cockpit, refreshed from his 8 hour midday break, to get soaked to the skin by a huge surge of green over the weather side. It seemed almost as if the sea popped up, took aim and sent 10 gallons right at him.Bullseye !! Our good spirited laughter must have been a comfort to him. See tonight's blog picture for the soggy evidence!
Quentin continues to astound us. Not only have we learned from him, that the man who wrote the TV ad jingle for R.White's secret lemonade drinker, is Elvis Costello's Dad, but also, he has almost mastered the boat's tin opener as well, finally producing a fine Tortellini with tomato sauce for dinner; and he claimed he could not cook? Ho Ho ! His weather forecasting however, leaves something to be desired.When handing over his watch-keeping at 06.00 he mentioned, with a knowing smile that it ''was going to be a hot one''. Ironically, within 15minutes, the skies clouded over, the wind increased and it began to rain. Quentin is now, our version of Michael Fish.
The boat's supplies continue to diminish; at lunch, an extra strong tap to dislodge some debris from a cutting board saw the whole thing flying through the air to join our earlier offerings to Poseidon.
Our only vessel sighting today was a super-yacht, called La Cativa, which passed us about 2 miles distant, heading for Gibraltar.At over 100 feet long, she made an impressive sight, ploughing through the rig seas. Our other sighting was more charming, but now less exciting, dolphins.
Although supplies of food and water are still abundant, we are down to our last tin of foie gras and we have only 2 more truffles left. Our only hope is that Quentin has some hidden away. When he came on board he brought some Fortnum and Mason's biscuits and I feel this was maybe, just the first item  from his F + M's Hamper hidden somewhere on board.
Well, night is here and we are getting ready for the routine duties. So, once again it's
Goodnight from all The Knightiders.

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