Bermuda to Azores, 24th May 2010 Day 9

Tue 25 May 2010 22:56
Bermuda to Azores, 24 May 2010 Day 9

33:53.1N 47:49.1W


Hello Everyone, 

We were obliged to motor overnight due to a complete lack of wind. However, the wind had formerly been from the wrong direction, so with the motor, we were at least able to steer the boat on a favorable course for about 14 hours.

During the late morning, the wind came back, this time from the right direction and we have been getting faster all afternoon, so all in all, it has been a super day. We still have food, fuel, water, even fresh vegetables and fruit, but the biggest concern for the crew, is that supplies of Lipton Iced Tea Mix are running low!  However, we still have PG Tips, Regular Lipton, Decaf Lipton, Yorkshire Breakfast, Earl Grey, Mint, Organic Mint, Rooiibos (Red Bush) , Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berries Tea, plus a mixed bag of Fruit Infusions, so, any way you look at it, the Iced Tea shortage is not a threat to The Knightriders’ well being.

Early in the day, we sighted another turtle, this time a tiny fellow, who passed right alongside the boat and narrowly missed being scooped up in the bucket we had just launched for collecting water for washing up the breakfast things. I am not sure which of us would have got the bigger surprise!! We also saw another whale, not too close by, but when you consider how big they are, keeping them in the distance is probably a good thing.

With the weather being considerably warmer than it was further north, we had another day for bucket showers in the cockpit spa, so all on board are now refreshed and fragrant.

 After the hectic ship spotting yesterday, there has not been a single sighting today. It’s big out there!

The moon was lovely last night, again making all around very bright. When the moon set, the stars came out brilliantly and Charlotte was able to identify many stars and planets from her guide to the night skies.

And there you have it; the highlights of Day 9 aboard Knightime.

Best wishes to all our families and friends and,   

Goodnight from

"Air Guitar" Mogul,  The Hoff, Charlotte (Princess of the Pancakes), Martin, Michael and  Quentin ++ aka The Knightriders   

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