Day 4 - Insanity Sets In

Thu 26 Nov 2009 23:04
As Nurse due to owning a rubber glove and therefore Chief Medic I now wish to resign and go home immediately.  This is for three reasons.  First as I am also Chief Psychiatrist I can confirm that the rest of the crew are quite mad. Skipper Hoff is taking a roundabout route to avoid falling into the Atlantic Trench, Captain Rick is showing an unhealthy interest in sharp objects such as screwdrivers, Hoffadommer (Peter) has given up smoking, Hoffapopolous (CJ) is going around smiling at everybody, and CHhof (Mogul Mike) is pretending to be a woman by multitasking such as cooking and losing weight at the same time. My second reason is that I do not want to use up my rubber glove in assisting the crew to relieve their constipation. That reminds me, I have noticed that there is more wind in the cockpit when CHof is on duty - and as we all know, more wind results in higher average speed as proved by his 17Nm in 2 hours yesterday! My third reason is that the flying fish are out to get me - I narrowly missed death from a Kamakasi fighter fish last night and several were seen today planning another dive bomb attack tonight - we are not paranoid but we have our grenades ready.
Signed ex Nurse Stephen
ps we apologise for the quality of the photos, luckily the girls on board have agreed to be filmed showering naked when it rains (we men do not see the need for washing) - so casual vistors to this site better keep watching.
Ed. (The Hoff) comment:
Todays photo is titled: "Fishing and Food Preparation in The Cockpit" (or "Captain Kitt Hoff" - especially for Lucy!)

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