Knightime - Day 3 Ruby Wednesday

Wed 25 Nov 2009 22:08
Greetings Dear readers from Knightrider HQ. All aboard are well and happy, and replete with a fine curry in the cockpit near sunset, thanks to CJ Hoffopopoulous. It's been another day of great sailing with sunshine all day and wind 17-21kts allowing us to munch those miles. Last night we had a fine run with the boat touching 10kts and winds up to 24.5 the result was our current best 2 hours run, 17 miles between 0000 and 0200. Tonight, at the time of writing, the seas are much calmer and we are still running wing and wing at 7 to 8 kts.The half moon is shining brightly above us and showing a spectacular halo.
Not a single sighting today, except for a stowaway caterpillar who was enjoying a fine cauliflower until discovered and made to walk the plank! Tonights pic shows Peter (Hoff-erdommer) getting stuck into the the washing up.Glamour all the way on the good ship Knightrider. Our food is lasting well, although the Lobster and Caviar are running a bit low.We are confident that Fortnums will air-drop a hamper quite soon. Stay tuned to this channel for more Hoff-icial bulletins.
Signing Hoff now with best wishes to all our readers.KNIGHTRIDER HQ+

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