Azores to Dartmouth, 3rd June 2010 Day 1

Thu 3 Jun 2010 22:55
Azores to Dartmouth, Day 1 - Thursday June 3, 2010
At 2100 hrs UT:
39:08.3N 28:26.0W
Distance to Dartmouth:  1247 Nautical Miles
Hello Readers. Following our brief visit to Horta, Faial, one of the islands making upThe Azores, we are back at sea.  We all enjoyed our all too brief stay on the Island, known as the crossroads for Ocean travellers - Lots of very seaworthy sailing vessels and 'beards'.  Within minutes of arriving, the majority of the crew left Knightime as if there was a fire onboard, for the lure of hotels with hot running fresh water showers, Internet access, Cable TV etc.  Call themselves sailors!  
2 'old' Knightriders, Mogul and Quentin, left the yacht for the airport, bound for UK, at lunchtime yesterday, Wednesday.  So now there are 4 remaining Knightriders for the last leg to Dartmouth.  Thanks guys, for all your help in getting us this far, it's been a blast!  There is however now much more space on board, the quality of the music has improved and the overnight treats will last longer!
We have been at sea for only 6 hours and have seen 4 whales surface VERY close to the yacht, the initial mammal surfacing only 20ft from our transom, to a cry of Holy **** from 'Beer'. They swam with us for 2 or 3 minutes then disappeared as quickly as they arrived - how fabulous, if a little scary!
We are getting our sea legs back and settling into life at sea again, and a new watch pattern of 4 hrs on 4 off, (which includes the Hoff!!) - where are the 'Sussex Set' now, when you need them!
On 'Clearing Out' with Customs and Immigration authorities at Horta today, it seemed strange to be finally saying Dartmouth, when asked for our "Next Port".  
The weather forecast is good for the next few days so we will hope to make good progress towards The Western Approaches and our final destination of Dart Marina, at Dartmouth in Devon, UK.
Goodnight from
Hoff + his remaining Knightriders - Martin, Michael (Beer) and Charlotte.

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