Day 6 - Knightrider Bulletin 28 Nov - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, For HOFF to work we go!

Sat 28 Nov 2009 23:04
Greetings Knightrider fans!
Another evening report from the BBWT, Big Blue Wobbly Thing. We have enjoyed another lovely day, moving gently towards our destination. Our morning was enlived by the fact we passed our first 1,000 miles!!! Great excitement which stimulated lots of  forward calculations about what this will mean in terms of our arrival. However, this is fairly premature given that we wont even be halfway for another 3 days or more. Nevertheless, there has been a helpful wind all day with similar weather forecast for tomorrow, so we are hoping for another good day's progess.
Late today we have finally sighted a sailing vessel... AHEAD ! This means that we are gently catching up and expect to board her //// sorry, I mean, pass her, sometime soon. For those reading this at home, soon, in our terms could mean sometime within the next day or so! So, what adventures have we been having on board? Last night's watchkeepers were rewarded with a special treat of a whole KitKat, Cap'n Kitt was quite ecstatic, knowing, as he does of The Hoff's own appetites in this direction. It's getting quite warm and even though we all know it is Saturday, it felt strangely like a land weekend day, without the shopping, washing, and mowing!. Some of the crew are sporting beardlike growth and dressing a little like pirates and I am sure there may be a photo or two of fun in the cockpit in a day or so.There have been some interesting improvisations in the cooking recently but today's was the most original so far. Peter HofferDommer decided that there was not quite enough meat in the dish and generously decided to add a slice of thumb! Lovely it was, but please, dear readers, DON'T try this at home! These tricks of the trade strictly for we professionals! After one week, we cut into our juicy melon for a nice refreshing snack but it was like a turnip! Similarly, our bananas are refusing to yellow and we now fear that they are plantain. Any recipes for plantain out there, preferably without thumb?? Yesterday and today we have had what I hope is the start of a daily ritual, afternoon tea and cakes (or biscuits) in the cockpit. Most enjoyable and, illuminating, since the goodies often appear from within the First Class accommodation so we KNOW there's a nice stash of good stuff lurking up there. Our task is to know how to get to it? Oh yes, you would like to know if we had any fishing success? Sadly, it was another good day for the fish who have now taken 3 lures and not a single tuna steak in return.
That is all for now from - The Hoff, Cap'n Kitt, CHoff , Peter van HofferDommer and C.J. Hoffapopuolous, all on board the one, the only ................
K N I G H T R I D E R 

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