Bermuda to Azores, 17th May 2010 D-Day

Tue 18 May 2010 00:16

S/Y Knightime’s Position at 2359 UT  Monday 17 May 2010

32:53.6N 64:02.3W

We are pleased to report that Knightime left St Georges, Bermuda at 10.30 a.m. local time, under sunny skies with a light breeze.  At one point it was thought that maybe we would leave with ’Oboe’ but in the end, they had some repairs to complete so we left alone,  with some threats that they might catch us up during the trip. Hmmm.

Our first stop was just a few hundred metres away for refuelling and filling of the water tanks.                                                                                                             

It was at this point we had our first disappointment; all on board were expecting a cheery welcome from Thomas, waiting to take our lines and issue our lunch sandwiches.  It was not to be.  Thomas had moved on.

The joining crew members, Charlotte and Quentin appear to have settled in nicely and we may be able to persuade them to write a blog or two in due course.

Our forecast was for light winds and that is pretty well what we have. The sky has turned a little overcast and we might see a little rain shortly. Meanwhile, we are getting our watches organised and we have managed lunch and dinner, all washed up and cleared away, and are getting ready for the night watches. Because of the need to conserve fresh water, we have reinstated the method of washing dishes in salt water, outside in the cockpit. Mogul was in charge of that, and mentioned how important it was to check there were no knives, forks or spoons lurking in the dirty water before emptying and then promptly emptied a plate over the side to the amusement of everyone (except perhaps the Hoff, who fears this is a strategy to gently jettison all the crockery to eliminate washing up completely).

Our distance from Bermuda to The Azores was 1,840 miles but mixed weather means it is not realistic to have any estimate of arrival time just yet. That said, with all major airports in the UK closed and the singular BA flight from Hamilton cancelled, we may very well be the best way to cross the pond.

 The ‘New’  New Knightriders, The Hoff, Martin, Michael, Charlotte, Quentin and Mogul++

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