Knightrider Bulletin - Day 17

Fri 11 Dec 2009 18:36

Knightrider Bulletin  Day 17

Valued Subscribers, Sally and other Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls.

Finally through the portholes (windows to you and I ) we can see land. It’s very exciting and will be even more so if it turns out to be St Lucia. What are the odds of finding it first go?

This is a pre-blog blog just to give you the skinny on the Rice Krispy fiasco. El Hoff has disappeared into that other world, behind the special curtain so I can reveal that it was El Hoff himself!! What about that, dear readers? Needless to say there were no retributions... anyway, don’t let on it was Choff, your friendly snitch who spilled the beans on who spilled the Krispies!

It’s all sweetness and light on deck. The crew all are all fragrant and acting a little bit like the kids on Christmas morning before the presents are opened.! More later dear friends.

And now it’s later....

And time for an official farewell to the Big Blue Wobbly Thing and Hello Turquoise Smoothie! We crossed the line in fabulous weather at approx 11.20 local time, which is 15.20 UT (GMT) and another hour for UHT.

Just one omission from the list of things which will not be returning: Choffs favourite salt encrusted RonJon baseball cap which went over the side at 35 knots a few nights ago. Boo Hoo hoo.

It has been totally satisfying to have been on board and I am sure that the photos and stories will circulate for a long time. Until my family tell me to be quiet,actually.

Anyway, it seems like a very quick goodbye,  after all the nights dreaming up angles but, in fact, the finish came all in a rush, lunch was served but not eaten and right now we are berthing, stern-to in the marina.

It has truly been great fun sending the blogs, with my co-conspirator Medi-Hoff and apart from typing them and sending them, I have not actually read them, so that will be something for me to look forward to as well.

So, for the last time this trip, bye bye from lovely Rodney Bay, where my hotel is waiting, with a bed which  you don’t need to cling on for dear life. Bring it on!!

Medi-Hoff health warning! If you find yourself depressed at the thought of all the Blog-less days to come, ‘’Get a Life!’’

Best Caribbean wishes from Choff, El Hoff, Cap’n Kitt, Medi-Hoff, Peter van den HofferDommer, and CJ Hoffapopoulous a.k.a. :

The Knightriders

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