Kiel Bay; Germany

S/Y Stereo
Kristen Thorsen and Lene Nyheim
Fri 27 Jun 2008 17:58
54.32.9N 10:26.8E
Sending 12hr updates for last leg. Just after watch change in the morning we were overtaken by three big tankers in the narrow Kielcanal. Behind us three sailboats and Fru Larsen ahead - suddenly there were no exhaust water  - and the engine stopped!. Luckily there were a "pocket" witch we could turn into - but the anchor were stuck in the fittings and we could drop the hook in time. We slowly driftet towards shore while Fru Larsen came to the rescue and took us in tow. The captain had all sorts of theories - impeller, oilproblems etc... luckily it was only empty fueltank!... We topped up from jerrycans and we were off again.
Reason for this is ofcourse not checking, but while keeping up with Fru Larsen when motoring, we're running at a higher than usual rpm - which took us a bit by surprise.
Left Kiel and Fru Larsen heading for danish waters, and will round Skagen in a day and half.
Also we have now sailed more than 6000nm since we left Miami!