Kiel Canal

S/Y Stereo
Kristen Thorsen and Lene Nyheim
Fri 27 Jun 2008 07:30
54:10.4N 9:26.7E
No wind made for motoring yesterday as well as tight waters. Entering the Kiel Canal at "best" times - just when the tide came out. We eeked our way inwards - sometimes down to less than a knot over ground (but 7 in the water).
Big ships >900ft passing only boatlengs away at 20knots....
Eventually got the locks, Lars had been here before and aimed for lock#3 and just waited (expecting to get hailed and sluiced). Howver after a while a policeman came and shouted us in to lock #1, hurrying us through - very upset we didnt follow "zhe rules". We got through, and now we're motoring the 50-60nm of the canal.