Chub Cay

S/Y Stereo
Kristen Thorsen and Lene Nyheim
Mon 4 Feb 2008 23:59
25:24.57N 77:54.61W
Motoring eastwards for nassau. Anchoring in Chub Cay. Got a nice barracuda today. Considering the risk of eating it, we let it go.  Winds 10-15kn East. We still have a full fuel tank, which means gauge not working. Also problem with batterycapacity draing very fast, without any load. Also, did som anchor work yesterday which turned to rust-dust today.. yikes.
Friday we're picking up guest in Nassau. Start cleaning up the boat ...
to everybody and our new friends Chris and Anita on "Padme", Gary and Lisa on "Sinya Sinovya"  - see you later!