Las Palmas

Sat 8 Sep 2018 15:01
28:7.3N 015:25.3W

Las Palmas for lunch!

Well first up i'm sorry its been quiet on the blog, a sign we got preoccupied with arrival and then sorting out the boat.
We arrived into Lanzarote in a 30kt wind. Marina Rubicon were most welcoming and i'm only sorry we couldnt stay. i must say putting the bar right by the fuel dock is tantamount to torture when you just want to splash and dash with fuel. I could taste the beer!!
We filled up with fuel and headed out with two reefs in the main and the staysail feeling all smug about being ahead of the weather. We left in a total calm. not a flipping breath of wind. however within 2 miles of the marina the wind returned and we blasted out at 8kts on a broad reach for what would be the best 12hrs sailing we have had on board. the boat was fast, steady and always felt in control. the wind eased in the early evening and i let out the full genoa. even with this pulling we felt in control and the autopilot kept us pretty much on course although it has a tendency to let the boat come up into the breeze a little too much. I had a blast on my watch with a good 3hrs helming!
with a lightening storm in the wee hours keeping me on my toes we closed the north of Gran Canaria. the light at Ileta finally popped up and we did struggle to stay low enough on the course to make it. the wind died off around 0600 and with dad now on watch we ditched the sails and reluctantly put the the engine on to make the direct course to the port entrance.
We had coffee and fresh croissants made in the oven (got to love the ready made dough you make these with)while motoring south. I even had a quick shower so i was slightly less offensive at check in.
It's quite a sight at the moment in the main port area with 8 or so oil drill ships laid up. we had a chat with port control who gave us directions to avoid a fast ferry exiting. once we dipped inside the port and round (almost under) the bow of one of these massive drill ships we made for the marina entrance and the fuel dock...again... a quick top up of tanks and jerry cans and the entry formalities completed and we moved to our berth. this is a crowded marina and we had to almost force the yacht stern too between two other boats.
Once in the beers were opened and we all took in the fact we had arrived. safe and still smiling and talking to each other.
We had showers and more beers and then a massive steak and chips lunch at the bar within a very short walk from the back of the boat. we really do have a prime position for the start of teh ARC.

Dad flew home yesterday and Mike was off to the airport this morning. We've done a bunch of jobs but i am left with a small job list to close the boat up properly so we can open her up again in November with minimum of fuss.

the damage to the boat along teh way has been minimal, genoa furling is old and will need to be replaced, staysail furler is having an issue and i fear the sail is slightly too big causing a wrap at the top where the top of the furler unit is too high. we have some minor chafe on the foil.
a couple of halyards have chafed and we need to figure out where this is happening as its not immediately clear.
I have a slight oil leak on the back of the engine. not an issue but i will have to keep a close eye on this.
The mast track for the genoa pole is frustrating. i now need a new track and eye for the pole. I have teh riggers here Monday morning to see this and quote on the genoa furler.
On from that we have some minor bits and peices but generally we did pretty well.
well thats me signing off for now. i'll update the blog again starting with my arrival back to Gitana in November, most likely around 5th November.
thanks for reading, i had no idea if anyone would read this but it seems a few of you have clicked on the blog and thats great. i hope you enjoyed the trip down with us.

Until November then,
this is S/Y Gitana, out.