Still no wind!

Thu 23 Aug 2018 11:34
44:35N 008:40W

Dear Diary,
the wind has abandoned us it would seem. Biscay has a reputation for being rough and windy but this trip has proved she can behave herself. Mind due while its nice to have a flat easy trip the noise of the motor and the diminishing fuel tank are an annoyance I could do without; let alone the fact we aren't sailing at all.
Night watches are more pleasant now with the temperatures up and its been quite hot and at times muggy.
Mike has had the sextant out and even baked up some cookies. (thanks Claire for the that addition to the stores)
We altered course for La Coruna at 0900 and at present speed should arrive around midnight. We will either goto anchor or slip into the marina depending on what time we arrive. No doubt when we get in phone range we will all be flooded with messages and emails and iphone alerts. I haven't looked at my phone since Falmouth. its been rather nice.
All in high spirits.
James, Des, Mike, Kirsty, Elspeth.