What's in a name?

Fri 7 Dec 2018 20:54

What's in a name?

For thousands of years, boats have been given girls names, nobody is totally clear why humans adopted a female persona for such an inanimate object, although there many rude bar jokes largely around cost and always heading towards the buoys when in port.

Aboard the good ship Gitana, it made us ponder, what female characteristics does this fine vessel possess? after all we have had enough time to court her now. Physically speaking she is no spring chicken, as she is in her fourth decade, but she has had a lot of 'work done' to give her some youthful looks, certainly not mutton dressed as lamb more, dressing appropriately for her age.

Mike the on boat bounder and CAD wanted to point out her tiny bottom, wide hips and short mast giving her a rather stubby appearance. Skipper has worked hard over the past two years and now she wears a smart new dress and is clad in super suit of new rags, not so much London fashion week but certainly nothing out of Littlewoods.

However, skipper is also at pains to point out that beauty is more than skin deep, so we pondered 'Tana's' more emotional side, again the CAD was keen to point out she likes it rough! but she does have a more nurturing side, keen to look after all that sail in her. Certainly she has resilience as a character trait, relentlessly bashing away mile after mile without complaint. Des our more mature member of the team, was keen to point out the groans and creeks that accompany life at sea, perhaps indicating the years haven't been as kind as first appear although there was general consensus it was simply Des trying to blame poor Tana, for the noises that accompany Des getting out of bed for a night watch.

We concluded that 'Tana' means something different to each of us, but she has certainly proved a fine home for the last two weeks or so, although perhaps akin to the morning after a great night waking up in a strangers bed, the sooner we can cross the finishing line and have a well earned break time will tell if absence makes the heart grow fonder.


SY Gitana