less than 100nM to go

Thu 13 Dec 2018 05:03
14:21.3N 059:20.2W

COG 277
BTW 261
SOG 6.5
DTW 95nM

hi all,

update: 95nM to run. making 6kts at time sin light winds. having to sail higher than i wanted but it does mean we will come into the island from teh north rather than up the coast. not great with no engine and a light breeze.

i have been busy sorting a haul out for friday and getting prop manufactures lined up to provide support.
we will need a tow in which is gutting. we do plan to anchor under sail after crossing teh finnish line and seeing if we can remove whatever it is that is jamming teh prop. maybe, just maybe this will work and allow the prop to featehr and allow us to run the engine ahead and astern.

so for now its been rissotto for dinner and now custard with tinned fruits. spirits are high for pur last night onbaord. i'm sure it will be busy as the fleet clsoes up on teh island and we will need to gybe at some point as well.

last noght at sea.

SY Gitana