All ready for the off..again...

Thu 30 Aug 2018 17:05

well the weather forecast was pretty good. we a gusts of 50kts in the marina yesterday afternoon and the wind continued at a solid 30kts all evening. It was calm this morning and we set to a list of jobs that had finally come to the top of the jobs list. we had planned an afternoon away seeing some of Cascais but all of a sudden it was 6pm.
We are fueled up and will do a fresh provisioning run tomorrow morning first thing.
The weather looks good and even dare i say a little light at times but I'll take that over 30kts with 50kt gusts!!
My sincere hope is for a passage with no fog. we had fog coming out of Falmouth, Fog on the approach to the la Coruna, a major fog bank for 12hrs at night then fog on the run into the Portuguese coast. My fog quota is up...please.....
All well onboard and I think ready for the next 5-6 days to Las Palmas. We will head SW to get offshore a bit to stay West of a light area patch then make best course and speed for Las Palmas.
James Des Mike