Hello all stations!

Wed 7 Nov 2018 21:03
check check...is this thing on?

Hello all stations, Gitana is back on the air so to speak.

I arrived back on Monday and was joined by Mike Monday evening. the weathr is warm but at times wet. cloudy this morning but still shorts and t Shirt weather.
On that note muggins here has left all of his shorts at home. Yup you read that right. All my shorts. Thankfully i left a pair of MTB shorts on board so i do have something other than my jeans to wear. in the words of Del Boy. "you plonker".
Jobs ist has grown a bit since arriving. the bilge was almost dry on arrival but in 24hrs has taken on around 15L of water. Fresh water. I've now source the leak to under the fridge compressor. its a join on teh Hot water pipe that T's off and runs forward. Now got to figure out how to repair it without taking out the compressor.
I've also developed a fault with the VHF radio. we get a warning light on the VHF splitter. i found a dodgy connector in the antenna co ax line but changing that didn't help. I now need to go to the mast head to pull the plug apart up there to see if there is any corrosion. deep joy. I love going up the mast......
So, the plan is to keep this blog running everyday so you get a chance to see the work it takes to get ready for the ocean passage. you get to see our cock ups and successes and i'll try not to hide anything from you. except maybe evening antics in the bar. "What goes on tour stays on tour"