It's a long way...

Tue 4 Dec 2018 14:10
17:49.0N 036:22.2W

Morning all. it all got a bit frustrating last night with the wind dropping and the swell remaining. this left us with a barley filling main and genoa and everytime the swell pushed the stern down it caused the whole lot to back and then fill suddenly. this causes a loud bang as the shock loads land on the genoa cars and rig. it's horrible. really horrible. you cant help but wonder if you'll develop one of those collapsible masts as a result. we tightened up the sheets and headed north a bit to try to force some pressure into the sails. eventually the breeze filled in, we eased off a bit and came back onto the heading for St Lucia. by the time i was back on deck at 0540 we were flying along at 8kts, the sun came up and a mug of hot tea appeared in the hatch.
we've just done our noon position, well noon GMT/UTC or Zulu whichever takes your fancy. this gives us ur daily run (159.7nM). Kirsty has plotted this on teh chart of the North Atlantic.
I will do a local noon position in the log as well.

there has been much talk about 'half way'. we have 1436nM left to the northern tip of St Lucia. we've sailed far south of the rum line route which is 2700nM. so maybe we've added in an extra 150nM or so. so in mileage we are close to half way. Time wise is slightly different. its day 10 onboard. at this pace we should get in on wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th. still ten days away. thats a 20 day crossing which is a bit slower than i wanted. i had hoped for 17/18 days. the wind is due to build as we get closer to the islands so i hope for higher daily runs which of course reduces our time at sea. with a daily run of around 160nM and 1436nM left to run of course its less than 10 days.....

so half way is a funny concept in a way. but it is a hot topic of conversation. i reckon we are half way. my sleeping bag would suggest we should be closer to the finish but like the rest of us will have to wait patiently for the day of arrival.

Dave is knocking out some steak sandwiches for lunch. the meat has he;d up well but we are almsot at the end of the fresh veg. i tossed a brocoli overboard this morning which has really gone bad.

All esle is well and we continue to plod along.

SY Gitana