Fish on!!!

Tue 4 Sep 2018 11:07
31:10N 013:54W

Good day from Gitana.
As the heading suggests we caught a fish, more on that later.
Update on the wind situation is there is no winfd. we had a zephyr yesterday evening so we set full sail and for a glorious ten mins we were doing 6.5kts. then we we sat at 6kts for another 30mins or so and then we were struggling to make 5kts. by 0200 we had given up and were losing ground so we dropped everything and switched the engine back on. its midday and its still running. there is a slight sea building so i am hopeful of some breeze with it. if we can maintain 5kts our arrival is a bleary 0300 to the waypoint of Las Palmas Thursday morning. we keep telling ourselves this is actually just a very late Wednesday night arrival and not a Thursday morning arrival. Every kt of speed over 5kts brings us in closer to middnight. regardless of the time of arrival we have three beers set aside ready to go in the fridge. 0800 or 2330 i dont care. we will have earned the beers.

Mike was up in the galley yesterday and boy did he come up with the goods, fresh bread rolls for todays lunch (hotdogs...), fresh loaf of bread, and cracking risotto and a rhubard crumble with custard to close out the evenings dining experience. All of course complimented by the lovely Dorado (Mahi Mahi)fish that we caught at 1730. Photos to follow. it was perfect dinner size (pan fried in a little olive oil and butter) and will also do us for dinner this evening. I'm going for fish tacos and maybe some teryaki fish on the side. i had brazenly predicted a fish, probably Dorado, for around 6pm and was relieved my fishing prowess was not left wanting. so all in all a good day yesterday only tempered by the lack of wind.

We are getting more traffic now as we get close to the islands, less than 200nM to run now so will need to remain vigilant as usual. its warm, t-shirts off, and even the foul weather gear has been ditched for night watches. lovely!

we wont be in phone range until very late tomorrow but im sure we will all switch them back on again just as soon as we have had a beer and a sleep. i fear tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Until then,
James, Mike, Des