Calm for the off

Sun 26 Aug 2018 11:40
Hi everyone,
It would seem quite a few people from some far flung corners of the world are actually reading the blog. hello to you all and thanks for taking note!
Just a warning that if we don't post anything for a day or two it does not mean we are in any sort of trouble!!! There could be many reasons why i haven't sent an update, primarily the sat phone could be playing up or we are busy we other things and the blog post got relegated to 'must do later'.

So we had a snooze yesterday afternoon and then in early evening headed into the old town of La was busy as you would expect for a Friday night. we selected a location for dinner and enjoyed a simple but effective meal!
The wind was blowing hard from the north occupying my mind all evening about the prospect of a beat out and around the headland.
home to bed and no one even stired until 0830 this morning. I was joined by a family of mosquitoes last night so that was fun...
A few jobs this morning on board, the goose neck has a small split pin which stops the main bolt from falling out. this pin had snapped so i jumped a taxi tot he local chandlers and $1 later came back with five new pins. I'm currently half way through fitting said pin and waiting for the other two to get back from a food shop. Once stowed and pin installed we will slip away from here into now calm conditions for the rounding of Cabo Vilano so we can ease the sails and point the bow south. Forecast is for lively conditions for the 24-36hr period so we may stay inshore while the 25kts blows itself out then drops to a sedate 15-18kts later. looking further ahead the calm conditions return extending from the shore in 72hrs so at this time we may elect to point a bit more west of South the stay in the favorable winds. looking beyond this is the realm of fortune telling but it looks good with some more breeze on the longer range forecast as we close Las Palmas but like i say its best guess at that time.