Forest day and thoughts ahead

Fri 16 Nov 2018 17:04


Its been busy here with jobs and general bits of prep work. I do feel we
have broken the back of the main jobs now. this week so far we've been
to several seminars on various topics: from provisioning to rig checks
and weather. Today we headed out of the city up into the plush green
forest areas of Gran Canaria. from sea level the island looks dry barren
and the potential setting for a movie set on Mars. Once you get up
higher the landscape turns green, the temperature drops and the humidity
climbs. We got involved in the ARC forest project. This works in
conjunction with a government non profit organisation who are working to
reforest the island. back before the islands were settled it had lush
almost rain forest covering it. as humans arrived and needed firewood,
or ship building wood or general wood they cleared the trees and left
the moonscape we now see. the project works to plant native trees to
capture the moisture from the clouds. this helps them grow of course but
it also adds water to the islands ground water supplies. its a major
project and has a long way to go but every tree planted makes a
difference. today we as a group planted 98 trees.

We are now back in the marina planning the removal and replacement of
the forestay and genoa furling gear tomorrow morning. it's meant to be
light winds but potentially wet. looks like i have a few hours up the
rig tomorrow and some engineering work when we are on the dock to fit
the new gear.

You can also follow us on facebook as SYGitana of Plym.  

The Yellow Brick tracker is now online for the ARC+ and we will get our
tracker next week and you will be able to see us in the marina.  

Its all getting a bit real now but the three of us on board are keen to
get going. I'm sure by Sunday week we will be chomping at the bit the
get underway.  

I'll update tomorrow with results of the forestay and genoa furler gear
change out. Until then we have a rather large crew party this evening.
i'm hoping my head is OK for tomorrow...

James Mike and Des.