you got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them......

Sun 2 Dec 2018 13:47
19:19.4N 031:41.5W

cog 233
sog 6.5

I made an error of judgment last night.
the breeze was building and i knew deep down that a reef in the genoa and
probably the main was called for. but the yacht was balanced and making
great progress at an almost effortless 8kts. heading more south than i
want but it's still better than north of west on the other gybe.
after dinner and after everyone had gone to bed (bar the watch keeper) the
breeze kept building. and building. i lay awake in my bunk willing it to
calm down but it didn't.
so then we had a battle to get the genoa furled away and a reef in the
once all done the bloody wind dropped off to manageable levels. almost a
little lesson from the yacht to me. "take more care of me". lesson learnt.
we spent the rest of the night under reefed main and no genoa. everyone a
little spooked. at frist light a scarp of genoa came out then a little
later the reef shaken from the main sail.

All esle well, lighter winds forecast and we are all watchng the miles
tick over. justy over 1000nM done now and 1711nM to go. plenty of miles
left to keep us entertained. there is a feeling we are almost half way but
thats still a day or two away!

crew all well. some showers taken this morning which makes one feel a
million dollars if only for a day then teh salty sweaty feeling returns.
lovely. food has been great although i'm on dinner this evening...

all the best from the whole crew.

SY Gitana