Departure from Cascais

Fri 31 Aug 2018 08:32
Well the day has dawned. we are full of water and fuel. Mike is just off getting the last of the fresh provisions and hopefully a bucket load of ginger nut biscuits. these seem to be a firm favorite of the crew!
Weather looks good, we will head out towards 35N12W to stay west of an area of very light winds. there maybe some swell left over from the last few days but this should be easing now.
the rest of the passage looks like light NW winds 10-15kts. we have rigged the preventers' for the main sail and have all the gear ready for the Genoa pole.
5-6 days at 5kt average.
signing off for now.
We may go quiet in the last couple of days of this trip. This will be due to me running out of credit on the sat phone. As soon as we get signal on the usual phones I will update.
love to all back home. the sun is shinning and the breeze is waiting.
James, Mike and Des.