Lessons from life at an angle

Sat 1 Dec 2018 20:07

20:28.4N 030:09.5W

COG 232T
SOG 7.7kts
Pos at 20:05 boat time

Sneaky second update for the day - after 7 days afloat!

After our first full week at sea, we've had a little time to reflect on
the journey so far, what we've learned about the boat, each other and life
at an angle! After much deliberation, here are the highlights for your

In no particular order:
1. Always read the instructions for laundry detergent to avoid soap sud
explosions in the cockpit.
2. Hang bananas and peppers away from bulkheads to avoid unsightly mulch
and murder like scenes.
3. Serve food in pasta bowls at all times in rolling seas, leads to
minimal wastage.
4. No unsupervised cups of tea/orange to be left on fixed surfaces. (If
you're Mike, ensure everyone around you has a firm grip of cups)
5. When making tea or coffee use the gimbled cooker top to reduce
spillages (and don't let Dave near the Cafetiere)
6. Keep Des and the ginger nuts away from boiling kettles (no reference to
7. When the labrador (Dave) is steering, stand by with McLube to ease the
grinding noise after use.
8. If in doubt of the next line of any poem you have ever known - don't
google it, 'Des it'.
9. Ensure porridge bowl firmly in hand if breakfast in bed has been
requested. Not adhering to this advice may result in you towing your
clothes by rope in the sea to remove said porridge.
10. If the skipper sleep walks to the hatch and demands information about
his dinghy racing marks, kindly remind him we're sailing the Atlantic and
he'll quietly return to his bed.
11. Loud bangs at night are not unusual, but if they are followed by
screaming - do investigate!

It's been an amazing first week at sea, many stories to tell and many
sights we've seen. Our crew has really come together and settled into
this incredible journey. Gitana has proven herself to be strong,
resilient and faithful vessel to take us to the Caribbean. Here's to
remainder of the journey!

1805nm to go

Good night from #teamgitana

SY Gitana