Long first day and night

Mon 26 Nov 2018 12:17
26:14.3N 016:28.9W

Hi everyone.

wow what a long day but what a day it was. to get away from las Palmas under sail and be interviewed on the youtube feed.
it was a busy day and by the end of it we had clawed our way back up the ranckings, mostly by being further east than the pack and hence closer to the finish line.
we have along to go...

all in high spirits and no doubt once i've got my stomach back i''l be able to update the blog with more detail.....
a busy night with a lot of baots around. we still have maybe five boats around us now all withint sight and it means we focus on the sail trim just that bit more knowing we are closing in on them.
got taken over by a big yacht under full kite, not bothered at all and in fact pleased we had been ahead of him for so long.

just had lunch and now it is drizzling. lots of ARC radio traffic around and some kids as well staying in touch with their other boat friends. its kinda cool!

i'm off to get some air on deck.

James, Mike, Kirsty, Des and Dave.