Under Starters orders

Sat 24 Nov 2018 15:51
what a couple of weeks. they have passed in a blur or jobs, seminars, trips to the chandlery, social gatherings and planning.
we are now fully stocked with fuel, water, gas, food, and crew. we have the sailing instructions and the weather forecast is looking very nice. most likely very light winds for the first 24hrs then building from NE to 15-18kts. swell from the NW but generally low.
We still have some jobs to do so tomorrow will be busy as we get ready to slip the lines at 1130 ish.
once we get going this blog will be a daily event, Kirsty is also writing a blog on the main World Cruising page and we can also update Facebook via our Yellowbrick tracker.
it's time for the safety brief and a chat about watches and duties.
departure day awaits.

SY Gitana