Tue 28 Aug 2018 09:33
Well after a decent morning and updating the blog site i got the weather from my weather provider. It was not looking great with strong northerly winds that would have been causing us some challenging conditions far out.
We discussed as a crew as i like everyone to have an input to things like this.
We were already tired from the previous nights fog and despite the upbeat tone (hopefully) on the blog it has been challenging at times and not quite the fun we or certainly I had hoped for. The grey skies and cold nights with drizzle had taken the edge of the enjoyment factor. we feared getting increasingly tired as a 3 man crew in worsening conditions and feared making a mistake causing damage to either us or the boat.
We are not in this as an endurance event and i keep reminding myself this is supposed to be enjoyable sailing not a task that simply has to be completed.
We turned East and made for Cascais where we arrived at 0830 this morning after another long night with patchy fog. thankfully the shipping lanes were quiet and we had an easy time of getting across them.
We are in the marina and hope they can accomodate us another night. Thursday looks good for teh off again but we are all agreed to take some time to sleep this morning and come at the next decisions about the trip with a clear mind. Perhaps after a beer or two.
All well onbaord, generally....
James, Des, Mike.