Lanzarote for Fuel

Wed 5 Sep 2018 14:15
Hi all,
mike tried to set sail late last night but the wind died off. i tried again n the small hours of the morning but the wind died off again. We were finaly able to set a headsail and make a steady 5.5kts at 0655. it's now 1500 and we are almost inot Lanzarote. yesterday afternoon we mulled our options and decided we didn't have enough fuel with a comfortable enough reserve to make it all the way to Las Palmas. we had hoped for 12hrs sailing but it never came. so we altered course for marina Rubicon in Lanzarote. we will bunker some fuel here and push again straight away. it's an overnight sail down to las Palmas so we should be in by 10am ish tomorrow morning. just in time for a beer before a snooze!
we finished off the mahi mahi last night in a teryaki sauce with some potatoes and sweet corn. ivebeen surprised by how good some of the tinned veg actually is!
for now my phone is buzzing with new messages and emails as we catch up on the last five or so days.
all well onboard and we even had some home made ginger cookies courtesy of Dad.
James Mike Des