Sailing Downwind!

Sun 26 Aug 2018 11:41

42:02N 009:42W

SOG: 6kts COG 180-195 ish

A windy departure from LA Coruna beating into headwinds to escape the bay. once we could clear the headlands to the west we eased sails and bore away. the wind died and we switched on the engine. This is becoming a standard port exit for us and is losing its attraction!
I feel we didn't do la Coruna justice on our brief visit. The coast line looks stunning and worth some time in the future...who knows...
We followed the coast down and enjoyed a cracking lunch and dinner thanks to Mike who is quickly becoming the star of the galley.
At nightfall the full moon rose to give us a bright passage however the was little wind and what there was was cold and damp. I for one came off watch cold and ready for my sleeping bag.
Around 0300 Mike was able to set some sail again and switch the motor off.
By daybreak we were romping along heading south. so much so that we dropped in the first reef.
Lunch approaches and the wind has eased slightly. we have shaken the reef and added in the preventer line to hold the boom. looks like the main halyard and topping lift have a twist in them at the mast head. we will have to watch this for evidence of chafe and if we have cause to drop the main we will clear this.
Plenty of dolphins and birds around. a few ships.
All well on board and adjusting to the new 3 on 6 off watch pattern. We will continue south along the coast for now until we make a more westerly turn for Las Palmas. Next waypoint is Farilhao which we should reach by tomorrow morning.
James, Mike, Des.