Mon 27 Aug 2018 11:20
40:01N 011:06W

We had a cracking afternoon and early evening. champagne sailing broad reach everything up and romping along at 7.5kts. a nice dinner and a decent kip were in the pipeline.
Then the fog came in. almost without warning. We managed to get two reefs in the main before it hit us like a wall of grey. the fog brought strong gusts and a cold damp wind.
Quite frankly we all agree it was a rubbish night. we all had little sleep as we supported each other on watch. we sounded the fog horn, we talked to passing ships to get info on shipping. all in all a tough night and even more so as it was unexpected after such a nice day.
this morning saw Mike and i drop the main sail and clear the twisted halyard and topping lift. we stowed the main sail and the stay sail and set the full genoa. the fog threatened to return but so far it hasn't. wind is directly astern now so off course slightly. i suspect we will gybe after dinner, easy with just the headsail.
Everyone is is high spirits despite the tough last 12hrs. We are all hoping for a fog free night!!
Weatehr looks to be OK with the northerly winds remaining for our passage south. we cant help but run the numbers as we increase or decrease speed. 7kts gets us in friday night or did yesterday before we slowed to 4.5kts in the fog.
The mosquitoes we picked up in La Coruna are working their way around the crew and the oregano has now made two bids for freedom from the stores locker. Mike has this under control i'm told. For now we are snoozing to recover the lost sleep but i suspect by tomorrow normal service will have resumed.
James, Des, Mike.