Rolling with the trades

Tue 27 Nov 2018 12:02
24:16.8N 018:25.9W

COG: 230 SOG 6-7kts

We got the weather yesterday and decided to continue south rather than cut the corner and make for St Lucia Direct. there is a ridge of high pressure to the north and we dont want to sail into light winds, esp given there is a lot of swell being driven south by the large north Atlantic storm well to the north.
it's been a windy at times in the last 24hrs since the last update. we've also had a little drizzle but very brief. over night the yachts thinned out a bit but we could still see mast head lights around us at times.

We are all getting used to the helming in larger swell and with the genoa poled out. the autopilot handles it all very well but does draw around 8amps esp in the larger swell.
dinner was a Mike concoction of pork, mushrooms and some other bits. very tasty.
i am frankly disappointed with our fresh vegetables bought from the recommended shop. we've had to ditch a fair bit already and got some off stuff on day one.
we ran the watermaker yesterday for an hour and topped up the water tanks.

this morning has been quite sociable in the cockpit with the sun shinning.
Dad is on lunch duty, we have the last of the fresh bread.

the plan is to get the weather update and decide if we continue to head south or make the turn to the West and hopefully dodge the calm patch but get closer to the rum line to St Lucia.

It's odd not having any news or social media to hand. we are all back to books and chatting to each other or snoozing!

James, Des, Mike, Dave, Kirsty