Falmouth For Orders

Fri 17 Aug 2018 11:54
50:09.8N 005:3.4W

Well, we finally did it and left Plymouth. It was a hectic period spread over many months. Some major ups and major downs but in the end we got away.

We made the upwind sail towards Falmouth and encountered some lumpy seas, grey skies and some quiet crew. We were in company with a number of other yachts all i suspect heading for Falmouth. By just after lunchtime we had been headed and were making Fowey quite nicely. By this time it would appear that all the boats around us to come to the same conclusion as I had. Falmouth could wait, Fowey was bang on the nose and offered a respite to the upwind struggle.
We pulled in and made fast to the pontoon. We licked our wounds slightly and got to tidy up. that evening saw a torrential amount of rain which tested the recent repairs.
Thursday morning we slipped away from Fowey, a harbour I always enjoy visiting, and headed once again upwind for Falmouth. We motored for a period of time until the breeze filled in. We reefed, we shook out reefs and we pondered why the genoa furling gear had slipped again.
By 1500 we are into Falmouth and pondering the weather in Biscay. Lumpy waves, 3m with some buoys showing 3.5m. we have resigned ourselves to a day or two here while the weather calms down abit and TS Ernesto moves away.
All crew are well.