Rocking and Rolling

Sat 1 Sep 2018 11:16
we came out of Cascais like a horse out of the stable. a broad reach with 8kts seen at times on the GPS. On course and everything felt very balanced and comfortable.
Mike knocked up a great dinner (no surprises there) and we settled in for the evening.
By midnight the wind had died right off and i had furled the genoa and staysail and reluctantly put the engine on. This set up ran for Dads midnight to 3am watch and Mike was able to reset sails around 0330.
we have made great time in teh last 24hrs but some small setbacks mean we cant run dead downwind with a poled out Genoa. we had it set up and the track for teh pole ripped off the mast. it will have to be replaced in Las Palmas.
We now have teh staysail on a preventer to windward and the main on a preventer as well. Making 5kts on about 217T.
we will keep on this setup until tomorrow. i'm about to get weather so will review if required.
I'm on lunch in moment.
blue skies and warm here.
James Mike Des.