weather forecasts, slack winds and engine issues

Mon 10 Dec 2018 13:55
15:53.7N 053:00.7W
COG 258
BTW 258
SOG 7.1
DTW 472.4

light winds all last night despite the weather forecast giving gusts of 30kts. heavily reefed down in prep for this but it never came.
we had a frustrating night at times with not enough sail up as the swell increased. first light saw us re hoist the main and sort out th genoa.
we do have much more swell which should be with us for 24hrs then pass us by.
got 25kts roughly astern and it's gone south of east to allow us to gybe and set poled out genoa and guyed out main on port tack.

got yacht safena behind us, suposed to be much faster than us....
yacht Tin Tin (OCC member) is clsoe by somewhere as we heard them on the radio. will call for a brief radio net this morning to get everyones updates.

crew well but we are all watching the miles count down very very closely.
spun up engine this morning to charge batteries. didnt sound happy at all. almost missing beat at low revs and a vibration in teh cockpit floor. shut down and checked everything. oils, water, fuel etc. no obvious smoking gun. restrted and she seems fine. there is some oil (ATF) under the gear box so the leak that was fixed under warrenty isn't completly sorted.

mikes on lunch and is knocking up some pizzas. his skills and enthusiasm in the galley has been a major asset to the crossing.
feels muggy here today, some cloud around so watching for squalls and heavy black clouds.

almost there.

with 4 days to go ive started my last book, it s chunky one called Shanteram. it will keep me occupied until arrival and beyond.

spoke to mum on the iridium phone yesterday. it was a great opportunity to say hello. it was a brief call but well worth it.

i'm off on watch now.
hope all well at home!


SY Gitana