Crossing the Continental Shelf

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Mon 31 Jul 2017 17:06
After a good three-and-a-half day sail, we are now motoring again. We are crossing Whittard Canyon, about 30 miles from the continental shelf, and are keen to get well across the shelf before forecast strong wind comes in tomorrow. There has been a noticeable increase in wild life - many more birds and several visits from dolphins. Fernande saw two whales this morning, both their plumes and their backs. Unfortunately she was on watch on her own, and we don’t count whale sighting unless seen by two people. However, she was so full of corroborative detail I think we are going to have to count this one. We are now hoping to make landfall some time on Thursday, ideally reaching the Needles Channel before high tide just before 0900 hrs but that might be a bit optimistic.