The final push

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Wed 1 Jun 2011 14:13

38:55.5N 32:36.8W


Day 18


A good day’s run at last,164 miles in 24 hours. The wind is currently force 5 from the South and we are sailing slightly off close-hauled, still trying to make South in order to avoid tacking into Horta. The wind is still due to get some East in it, so we may or may not achieve this. At planned speed of 6 knots we will get into Horta at 1940 UK time. We will update you on this.


We’re all pretty tired because the night time hours were fairly rugged, with wind gusting at up to 30 knots. We have lost track of the yacht we have been shadowing. The yachts we have been in radio contact with have now reached Flores and no doubt are celebrating their arrival.


We finished the last of the frozen meals last night, but still have a lot of the vacuum packed meat left. All fresh veg now gone, apart from the lettuce which is remarkably crisp and large quantities of carrots and cabbage.


We’re all focussed on getting there now, so enough for now.