Port Stephens

Summer 2022
John Andrews
Sat 3 Dec 2011 11:41
Port Stephens

Position: 52:06.08S 060:49.779W


We are in an even more superlative anchorage – a sea loch completely protected from the swell. The jetty is too short to tie the boat to, so the dinghy has been inflated to allow us to visit the Robertsons, parents of

Sally, Paul and Janet who we met in Stanley, who live in  the settlement at the head of the loch. They were very welcoming, offering us tea and home made cakes, and talked at length about the Falklands and the long links with Patagonia. We have been offered showers and use of washing machine – just come into the house and search around until you find them!

We have been told where we can find colonies of all the different types of penguin to be found in the area, which seems to be most of them. We are therefore planning a good day out. The weather remains settled so it will be perfect for photography. The sun here is very fierce, no ozone layer I suppose, so hats and sun cream will be required.

We are now so far south that right through the night, there is a continual twilight. I suppose that must be the same at Deepdale Farm which is the same latitude North, but have never noticed it – tucked up in bed I suppose.